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Hello friends!

I hope you have all been safe and healthy during the current global pandemic. I've been using the time to work on projects including two new collections titled 'Illuminated Halloween' and one themed around outer space. Each of these product lines feature new cutouts, pins, posters & more!
I've been working on lots of new and exciting items debuting later this year including lots of great new Halloween 2020 art prints, cutouts, banners & a very special something I have never made before. That last item is something I am very excited to announce and showcase once it has reached the final stages.
I've also been working on inventory and website maintenance. I have switched from my old Etsy shop to this brand new storefront. I wanted to branch out and own this shop completely myself and not be linked to Etsy forever. The whole shift process has been a major challenge but the benefits outweigh the extra work. Expect better shipping & logistics, better packing materials & some new product styles I have never done before. 

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Thank you for supporting my work over the years, and I'm very excited for you all to see what I am working on to release next!


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