Retro Inspired Illuminated Halloween Cutout Banner Decoration - Beistle x Blowmold Inspired Cutout Series

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This 7 foot banner includes the full series of 8 images in my popular new Illuminated Halloween line of Beistle x Blowmold inspired designs. This set of eight pieces total was created to mash up the iconic vintage elements of both the Beistle Company's Halloween designs and retro illuminated blowmold design.

Each Cutout comes printed on 110lb heavy durable satin-finish card stock. They are all prestrung on a thick black yarn and all come together ready to hang once out of the package. Each set comes in a resealable package with a decorative header card for safekeeping year after year!

This series of 8 designs includes:

1 - Flying Witch featuring elements of Union Product's Witch and Ghost Candle. 

1 - Straw Chewing Scarecrow - Inspired by the classic Empire Scarecrow. 

1 - Top Hat Cat - Inspired by Empire's Cat and Jack o Lantern blowmold.

1 - Howlin' at the Moon - The classic trick or treat General Foam blowmold hanging out beside the Empire totem pole.

1 - Happy Jack - Paying homage to an Empire jack o' lantern. 

1 - Haunted House - This one incorporates a lot of great references. A Union Products Bat and Pumpkin Goblin, a General Foam Haunted House and a Tico Toys witch.

1 - Midnight Owl - A Tico Toys inspired mashup with the iconic Beistle Owl. 

1 - Witch Head - Inspired by the classic Union Products Witch Head blowmold decoration. 

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