Retro Inspired Illuminated Halloween Flying Witch with Moon Shirt - Beistle x Blowmold Inspired Series

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This shirt features a flying witch gliding over the moon on Halloween night from my popular new Illuminated Halloween line of Beistle x Blowmold inspired designs. This series of products was created to mash up the iconic vintage elements of both the Beistle Company's Halloween designs and retro illuminated blowmold design.  

This witch design pays homage to Union Product's flying witch blowmold, Union Product's candle ghost blowmold, and the Beistle company's classic flying witch cutout.

Fitted, comfortable, and soft – this t-shirt was made just for you! Perfect to wear for Halloween or any time of the year when you're in a spooky mood. This shirt is printed on gray 100% fine jersey cotton. Out of all of the shirts I've tried printing on, this one has been the best. It has minimal shrinkage, the colors remain vivid and it is the perfect balance between soft and thick.

Each shirt is made to order and takes an additional 2-5 days handling time since they are made to order.


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