Retro Inspired Mardi Gras Jester Jointed Art Print Cutout Decoration

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This Jester is all ready to help you decorate your Mardi Gras celebration! Each figure is printed on satin finish 110lb heavyweight cardstock in high resolution. Each individually crafted piece comes jointed via metal fasteners and is ready to hang out the bag. This cutout is a dancer style cutout meaning its legs, torso and head/arms all move making it look like this Jester is dancing! The design is influenced by classic decorations created in the early to mid-1900s. This Jester measures at 21 inches tall by 8 inches wide when unfolded flat. Each of my jointed cutouts comes in a resealable bag with a custom hangable art card to make this figure easily stored after the celebration is over so you can use it year after year. Each figure was sketched and then designed by me and is a limited edition for 2020.

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