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This special one-off Decorama decorating kit inspired by the classic horror icon Michael Myers is sure to make your horror collection a hit! Decoramas were classic products created by the Beistle company in the twentieth century that featured an array of cutouts, jointed cutouts, centerpieces & more. When I was creating my early sketches for my 2019 Halloween product line I wanted to do something that was refreshing in design, paid homage to classic horror films I loved, and was a great deal for my customers. That is where these vintage-inspired decoramas came from. All of my cutouts can be framed, hung on flat surfaces, sit on plate stands, or be displayed in any way your creativity brings to life.

Each print I create is printed on high-quality 110lb cardstock with archival ink that will last for over two-hundred years. HALLOWEEN FILM SERIES DECORAMA includes: Clear resealable packaging to make sure this set lasts for many Halloweens to come.

Each Decorama Includes:

1 - 12" x 9" header card and resealable poly bag. 

1 - 18" Michael Myers Jointed Cutout.

1 - 16" Young Michael Myers in clown costume Jointed Cutout.

1 - 10" x 8" Happy Halloween Framable Sign.

1 - 11" Halloween 2018 Michael Myers with fire cutout.

1 - 11" Laurie Strode Halloween 1978 cutout.

1 - 11" Halloween legacy Jack o Lantern cutout. 

1 - 11" Michael Myers Ghost Disguise cutout.

All of my Halloween film series Decorama decorating kits are limited to just sixty sets each. There are two Halloween series decorama packs for 2019, a Michael Myers themed set, and a Halloween III Season of the Witch set.

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